Our team at Search Alliance was thrilled to partner with Fursure, the leading pet insurance provider, to enhance its digital presence. Through search engine optimization, we optimized their website to improve search ranking, allowing more pet parents to find and connect with Fursure online easily. We also developed engaging, informative content that provided value to their audience of pet owners. By sharing relatable tips and advice, we were able to build trust and strengthen relationships. Our comprehensive strategies increased Fursure’s visibility and helped convey its commitment to making pet insurance understandable and accessible. We’re proud that our collaboration enabled Fursure to serve pet families across the country better.

Our team feels honoured to have contributed to their meaningful mission of safeguarding the health of our furry friends.


  • ClientFursure
  • Start Date01.01.2021
  • End Date01.01.2022
  • Websitewww.getfursure.com
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